General Terms and Conditions

The applicant shall not be less than (21) twenty-one years of age.

Provide a valid health insurance during the required residency period for the applicant and all applicants for residence.

Compliance with the laws regulating investment.

Investment evaluation by the Investment Services Center, provided that the project has an added value to the economy.

The applicant must continue to meet one of the minimum conditions for the duration of the stay.

- The holder of the residence card is not entitled to claim the Omani citizenship except in accordance with the regulations in force in this regard

In the event of the investor ‘s death, the long-term residency privileges are passed to a first degree family member and according to the procedures, provided that the conditions that must be met by the new residence card holder continue to apply.

The right of residency is forfeited in the event that the residence holder is sentenced to a penalty, and he may transfer the residency to one of his first degree family members without prejudice to their investment, which is preserved according to Omani laws.