Our ambitions are guided by Oman Vision 2040 , a strategy that prioritizes a diversified, dynamic and globalized economy with advanced human resource development, an efficient and competitive private sector and growth powered by non-hydrocarbons.

Oman Vision 2040’s Four Main Pillars

  • People & Society
  • Economic Development
    Economic Development
  • Governance & institutional Performance
    Governance & institutional Performance
  • Sustainable Environment
  • Enhancing family and community health and well-being

  • Upholding Oman’s identity and heritage
  • Developing the National Technical and Entrepreneurial Capabilities
  • Creating wealth through economic diversification and private sector partnership 
  • Ensuring balanced governorate development
  • Preserving environmental sustainability 
  • Building world-class infrastructure and liveable cities

●        Improving governance effectiveness and the rule of law

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