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Intellectual property

The Sultanate attaches great importance to intellectual property through its accession to all international conventions and treaties related to intellectual property such as the TRIPS Agreement, the Paris Agreement on Industrial Property, the Patent Cooperation Treaty, the Madrid Protocol Treaty, the WIPO Copyright Agreement and many other agreements. Since the eighties, the Sultanate has endeavored to issue laws and legislations that keep pace with growth and development in the Sultanate, as the legal system, agreements and treaties to which the Sultanate has joined play an important role in the process of economic, social and political development of any society and maintains the rule of law and its respect by preserving the creations of the human element that contribute to protecting the products of thought Creative and cognitive, and it stimulates the mind to move in the path of creativity. The official authorities in the Sultanate realized that the protection of intellectual property has an important role in developing the private sector and encouraging investment, as intellectual property laws are considered a tool for developing businesses and commercial projects and expanding their spread locally and internationally in a way that encourages investment and attracting foreign capital and thus establish a safe national investment structure, which makes intellectual property Backed by legislation and law, it is immune to sabotage and deviations from its development path, and creates a competitive environment in trade, industry and services.
The Intellectual Property Department plays a prominent role in encouraging investment, development and beneficial scientific research and protection from counterfeiting and intellectual piracy through the protection it provides in the Sultanate in cooperation with the partners in this field. The department is divided into two parts, industrial property and includes patents, trademarks, industrial designs and models and geographical indications. And drawings and integrated circuits, while the second section is the section on copyright and related rights and includes literary, scientific and artistic works.

The General Directorate for Standardization and Metrology of the Ministry of Trade and Industry and Investment Promotion is responsible for conducting various laboratory examinations and tests, issuing their reports, coordinating with the laboratories and departments implementing standardization activities in the directorates and departments of the ministry in the governorates, and working to spread awareness and education in the various available means of the extent of the importance of standardization in the Sultanate in coordination with other authorities and conducting research And special studies to improve the quality of local products and protect the health and safety of the consumer. The directorate also aims to provide fast and reliable services in the field of specifications, metrology, testing, quality assurance and conformity assessment for public and private sector institutions in accordance with the public interest and consumer safety and health.
One of the most important tasks undertaken by the General Directorate of Specifications and Metrology is the issuance of standard specifications, reviewing them permanently and continuously, and amending them if needed, in addition to applying them and monitoring this extensively. On the other hand, the General Directorate of Standardization and Metrology supervises the various examination and measurement tools and devices, and conducts the necessary checks on products, in addition to accrediting a number of laboratories to do so, as this role is considered one of the most important and sensitive roles it plays; Due to the diversity of the number of tests that the products should be subjected to. How does the General Directorate of Specifications and Metrology play an important educational role, as this directorate works to spread the necessary awareness regarding specifications and everything related to them. The greater the awareness related to such important matters, the more it reflects on product safety and consumer safety.