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1- Prepare policies and plans related to the Ministry’s specializations in the areas of:

  • Commerce
  • Industry
  • Investment Promotion
  • Export Development
  • Competition Protection and Monopoly Prevention
  • Intellectual Property
  • Specifications and Measurements

2- Follow-up on the execution of five- year plans related to the Ministry’s areas of specialization
3- Improve the domestic business environment

Monitor the Trade Balance & Direct Related Procedures

1. Organize export and import procedures, enhance direct imports.
2. Ensure the availability of key products and commodities in the domestic market.
3. Oversee implementation of all procedures related to product safety and quality.
4. Activate procedures to monitor trade balance, market share, levels of investment and volume of internal trade.
5. Prevent money laundering and tax evasion according to the laws of the Sultanate of Oman

Intellectual Property Protection

1. Protect intellectual property rights including, inventions and innovations.
2. Check, study and organize registration of trademarks and trade data.
3. Abide by related intellectual property laws and agreements.

Grant Licenses & Records

1. Facilitate procedures to grant licenses required to engage in commercial, industrial and investment activities.
2. Register establishments, agencies, commercial and industrial trademarks as per the law.
3. Grant licenses to build and operate petrol stations.
4. Grant licenses to build stores for the sale of LPG cylinders.

Supporting Local Industries

1. Establish programs and mechanisms to improve the quality of Omani products, promote Oman-made products, increase the volume of Oman-made products purchased in the domestic market.
2. Expand the presence of Oman’s manufacturing sector regionally and internationally.
3. Monitor and encourage re-exporting activities in an effort to position Oman as a re-export hub.
4. Improve the technical expertise of Oman’s manufacturing sector.
5. Help businesses embrace the digital economy
6. Identify technological innovation to improve manufacturing in Oman.
7. Improve programs to enhance in-country-value.
8. Enhance and develop industrial exports to enter regional and international markets.
9. Upgrade the level of domestic industries and increase uptake of the Oman Made brand mark

Specifications & Measurements

1. Determine the specifications and measurements of commodities and products.
2. Establish procedures to test samples.
3. Making inspection to check the product safety and recognized specifications.
4. Activate quality monitoring systems.
5. Establish regulations to approve labs in the Sultanate in various areas of testing and standardizing.
6. Identify domestic organizations that grant product conformity certifications
7. Set up regulations to monitor precious metals and stones.
8. Test and stamp handicrafts.

Competition Protection & Monopoly Prevention

1. Implement the law with regards competition protection and the prevention of harmful practices and monopoly.
2. Conduct market research to identify harmful commercial practices and introduce preventative procedures.
3. Facilitate studies to investigate and collect evidence of violent commercial practices in competition and monopoly.
4. Receive and investigate complaints related to violent practices in competition and monopolistic practices and take necessary actions.
5. Upgrade the efficiency of the domestic market. Identify best mechanisms to improve the level of competition.

Improve the Business Environment

1. Create an attractive investment environment
2. Assess and revise investment policies and laws.
3. Set up controls related to the establishment of Omani and foreign investment projects.
4. Conduct analysis and comparison studies to improve Oman’s investment and business environment.

Investment Service Centre

1. Coordinate with Government and private entities to identify and record investment land.
2. Facilitate and accelerate the establishment of investment projects.
3. Facilitate and coordinate the Omani/Foreign investor requirements in regards to registration and facilitation of procedures to obtain approvals, licenses and permissions required for commercial projects.
4. Follow up on the issue of approvals and exemptions for eligible projects with authorities authorized to grant necessary approvals and exemptions.
5. Ensure investment projects in the least developed regions of the Sultanate obtain the concessions as covered in the Foreign Capital Investment Law.

Investment Promotion Attract investors, Develop Investment Opportunities

1. Create an annual investment promotion program.
2. Study target markets, analyze promising economic sectors and identify investment opportunities.
3. Manage the Invest Easy platform, answer investor enquiries and provide required information.
4. Organize investment promotion events, participate in trade visits to identify investment opportunities in the Sultanate as well as attract domestic and foreign investors to invest in Oman.

Export Development

1- Create and develop Omani non-oil export development polices and plans.
2- Support investors, introducing them to the importance of exports by providing the necessary business statistics as well as specifying target markets for Omani non–oil exports.
3- Increase the international profile of Omani non–oil exports through trade shows, meetings and business delegations.
4- Compile reports on Omani exports using ITC’s Trade Map and Market Access Map.
5- Identify any challenges facing investors in the export sector and propose solutions

Research, Studies & Data

1. Collect data and statistics, and conduct research in order to serve development plans.
2. Improve production efficiency in Omani commerce and industry.
3. Assess investment projects as well as industrial establishments.

Organizations & Trade Relations

1- Enhance the Sultanate’s relations with the WTO.
2- Enhance relations with regional and international organizations.
3- Develop cooperation with related entities in other countries and organizations.
4- Represent the Sultanate at regional and international conferences, events and meetings related to the Ministry’s responsibilities and areas of specializations.

Communications & Media

1. Establish a media strategy to support the Ministry’s activities and programs.
2. Create media content as per as the Ministry’s media strategy.
3. Manage the Ministry’s visual identity.
4. Coordinate with relevant organizations to ensure effective, integrated and coordinated communication that meets agreed government standards and procedures.
5. Create procedures and channels of communication with the media in assisting the Ministry to respond promptly, accurately and confidently during any emergency.

Develop Commercial, Industrial & Investment Activities Across Oman’s Regions

1- Create plans to develop commercial, industrial and investment activities in Oman’s regions including quarterly key performance indicators to monitor progress.
2- Increase trade within Oman’s regions as well as identify solutions to any related challenges.